just finished decluttering project part two – part one was last night
for some strange reason at 6 pm Friday decided to deal with the very very old computer that was dead and taking up space so to move it out of course that led to taking the other computer and its various cables (monitors, speakers, ext drives, usb hub godknowswhatelse) apart and cleaning everything and then reassembling and re wiring and bundling etc.

Paper-shredder-24008261you would have thought that would be enough but today while listening to TANNHAUSER (Bayreuth this past summer) found myself embarking on part two which consisted of clearing out a hanging file folder holder and the overflowing in/out trays – which led to shredding old bills, old papers and all those whytheheckdidikeepthis papers. 

two grocery bags of shredded paper and more garbage bags of non-private papers later (and a few paper cuts)

then of course decided to move the printer and reorganize and clear out several shelves in the storage cabinet.

now the printer is in the perfect place so that i can scan easily – which is the next declutter project – scanning all paper – everything that can be will be scanned and the paper shredded or recycled. 

new motto – no more paper
evernote rules!!
(and google drive and dropbox)

now where’s my supper …
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