a southern gal living in the north  – along the Hudson River in a small village. born and raised in the southern half of Louisiana moved to Washington DC and then New York City before this small village along the Hudson River.

animals: owned by two cats – Isolde a black shorthair and Emil the siamese alpha male and knows it. several others have crossed the rainbow bridge.  tristan – always an outdoor loving cat, didnt come home one day.  katie – sweet darling collapsed one Sunday July 2011 while I was at work. a kind neighbor and my landlord saved her for me and i had her cremated. she was my gardening buddy and would sit for hours while i worked and we would sit together and enjoy the peace and tranquility. i miss her daily.  cordelia  – their mother. there are no words for this lovely creature and her loss.  miranda a sweet grey calico who lived to 13 and emma -my first cat in the north and the longest lived – 16 years – dying in my arms.

interests: classical music esp piano and opera, british radio, gardening, knitting and other handiwork, tennis, technology, reading (blogs.  news and books)


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