as in used to be, am again.

this weekend marks beginning of week seven

from baby steps – walking 30 minutes around the neighborhood, to walk/run on the nearby trail, and now running my miles.

a big step was last week – switching to the morning. as in 530 am alarm, out the door at 6 am. but the difference from running at night is so unbelievable that when that alarm goes off, the allure of that wonderful feeling post run propels me up and out. (yes me – the late night gal) which of course means by 8 pm i am ready for jammies and tv and am yawning off to bed by 10.

as for my time and pace, let's just say it's getting better week by week… working on not caring about stats too much but am so f#$# competitive even with myself that i do and well, thats ok. learning to let go and focus on putting the miles in.

great app that helps – runmeter (am in love with this app) and great tunes. opera was for evening runs; mornings have been bach with Yo-Yo.

lucky to have a great trail to run – both north and south of my village.

this morning took the north path that goes up to and thru an historic estate. for the most part from the village northward, this trail winds thru a very dense wooded area with trees arching overhead. nearing the estate, the trail opens from the cool green tunnel to the expansive green bright lawn. glorious today with the brilliant blue sky and cool winds (no humidity too!).

my usual route is south from my village – its a very popular and much wider and well trod trail; the northerly route is narrow in many places and has some bad spots near street crossings. its good to have two different ones to use to change up my runs.

your gratuitous rose photo

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