radio silence

hmmm almost year since posting… well blame it on mobile devices and my work in the IT world – basically the last thing i want to do at night is sit in front of a computer – since i do that ALL day. and that my laptop died last fall… an accident involving a cat, a mug of tea and a small ikea laptop table that swayed a bit when the cat decided to jump on the laptop… up went the mug and down went the tea into the laptop. didnt save it in time. and well, couldnt justify the money to replace – as well i didnt as my desktop was fried by a power outage a few months later and that really was more important.


anyway… that was last fall and this is now. with a mobile keyboard and a tablet, and now a great blogging app, i am sitting on my patio listening to a broadcast of DER ROSENKAVALIER from last fall at the Weiner Staatsoper with Fleming, Koch, Tonc. This past wednesday was Strauss’s 150th birthday and many classical stations celebrated in various ways – WQXR had two operas a day on their Operavore station, and a rebroadcast of the METs production from this past seasion. Radio 3 had lots of special programs. I decided to listen to this version as i have not heard Renee sing it in many years… it really is a touchstone role for her. and i am glad i am … she sounds wonderful … exquisite as always


unfortunately this gorgeous music is being played with a backdrop of very loud reggae and hip hop with lots of bass from the new tenants upstairs who are not paying any rent but working for the landlord in exchange. its not been a happy situation for me … they are very loud and noisy. don’t seem to have any sense of how what they do affects others in the world. i had to call them last night at 1115 and ask them to turn their music off… ugh. absolutely the worst tenants ever. (they also don’t put out their garbage or recyclables and then they pile up etc.) oh and did i mention the aroma of a certain legal in colorado item?


its not that i mind any music being played – but this is EXTREMELY loud – as in the floor shakes … really obnoxious… when it happens during a time i am listening to an opera i just turn up my volume … annoying as hell. and yes i will have a conversation with them if it continues thru the evening and especially tomorrow. but i also suspect they are ‘borrowing’ my washer and dryer which is also alarming (i pay for the water and electricity) – but i am taking measures to deal with that.


oh well life in a small building – moving on.


its the most gorgeous day ever this spring/summer – we have had rain for the last five days – really good for the gardens – esp my roses which are the best ever – this is the eighth year of this garden and it has really matured. its also the first year i have not had to do much … replenish the herb bed – the oregano, chives and strawberries survived the brutal winter-but nothing else… so the herbs were put in on Mother’s Day and then i had redone one bed last fall — so ordered from my favorite place GRACEFUL GARDENS some daisies and decided to try some foxgloves and hollyhocks in a new spot… so they went in Memorial Day weekend. and thats it. i may look for some more ferns at sales later to fill in some back garden spots.

anyway, i have never had so many roses in bloom… they are all outdoing themselves. and the clematis.. one in particular has never bloomed like this year.


more photos here

and now back to act three of ROSENKAVALIER and that sublime trio.

side note: i did watch the live/semi-live stream from Glyndebourne last Sunday – not crazy about the sets and costumes. found the singers good but the three women seemed a bit out of sync. maybe it was the cameras… enjoyed Kate Royal’s portrayal but she needs to settle in a bit more. (her role debut). Ms. Erraught was fine (however it IS hard to dispell memories of Troyanos and von Stade),the Sophie was delightful. not as crazy about the direction and concept. i am glad i saw the MET’s exquisite version before they retire it. (sigh).




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