will winter ever end

today we have 50ish degrees but with a bit of a wind blowing. the windows are open to let the fresh air into clear up some of the stale winter air. however, its getting chilly and so they will be closed soon.

still it feels good to get the fresh air inside. cant stand being anywhere without access to fresh air.. where i work i am in a windowless room in the center of the building with no fresh air all day. i park in front at meters and that is beneficial for a couple of reasons – it gets me out of my office chair every two hours and i get to breathe fresh air. although this winter its been more of a dash to the meter and a dash back.

the building is a block from the Hdson River and thus the wind can be fierce at times. like thursday, almost knocked off my feets

this winter has been on for the record books as they say… and the worst i have lived thru here in the north. never have had so much snow andstay on the ground… it seems as if the snow in the backyard will never melt. my poor plants…
the whole area is still covered with feets of snow. at least two feet still on the patio, covering the patio furniture and the herb bed and blocking the path into the garden.

its still frozen solid … keep poking at the piles to see if i can shovel some of it away. since the next four days are below freezing it will be here for awhile.

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