one of those days…

i hate working holidays when most of the world is closed or off.   and today has been one of those days

1 i forgot an item that i needed to return to the very place that i am going to after work.  but it would take too long to go home and collect it and then go run that errand especially after work at 6 pm.  which means that i have to make another trip to this store later this week just to deal with this return and i may be too late.

2 received a parking ticket for doing exactly what i should have done – stupid scrooge policeman.

where i work in a small village, there is no daily parking lot for non residents.  there is only a permit only lot for which you apply in a lottery once a year.

so for the past two years i have been parking at the two hour meters in front of the office building… the only other alternative is a six hour meter that is up a very steep hill and about a three block walk .. so that means after six hours you have to trudge up and fill your meter again.

i have been religious about filing the meter on time – have my routine down – i have a timer clock that i reset for 145 minutes each time i come back.  have never received a ticket for no money in meter.

so this village where i work the week or so before christmas and thru Jan 1st they make the meters free but for two hours only.

Last week it snowed a bit and when it snows, the parking on my home street in another village becomes a nightmare so i dont drive during those times.  I took the train each day – its more expensive ironically than driving and paying the meter for 8 hours (there is something WRONG with that but that is for another post).

anyway, today i needed to go to the store after work – so i drove – and moved my car every two hours since i came in …. as it happened the only spots open each time were the spot either in front or behind me.  as in i parked in spot 2 when i came to work and two hours later spot 1 was the only one available and so i moved to that one and then two hours later spot 2 was available and so i moved there.

so i went at 320 (the THIRD move of the day) and again spot 1 was the only one available – so i moved to that spot and then saw the F#*#*#G ticket on the windshield.

I am so angry – I had called the police and explained that i work in the building and would be glad to take the bag off and pay all day – but he said i would have to move it.  So I DID.

And I was told that they would mark the tires – well I cant help it if the F#*#*G policeman either didnt mark the tires or didnt pay attention to the fact that the car HAD BEEN MOVED.

So i called after getting the ticket and was told “THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO, you have to go to court”

i am still so angry about this.


I promptly made a sign and put it on the car – THIS CAR WAS MOVED AT 320 pm.

as the court will be off for the next two weeks due to the fact that it meets on WED and the next two Weds are holidays – AND the court hears the Criminal cases FIRST and makes the Traffic cases WAIT until they are all done… so its going to be horrendous and take forever to just get to the traffic tickets.


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