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i so often find it interesting to see apts on apartment therapy where i feel that there is no indication of the detritus of life.
i find it hard to believe when i see:
no books  (i couldnt live without my books)
no electronics of any kind? (maybe everything is on a laptop and iphone?)
no tv?  (interesting .)
no closet ? storage?  (it may be there but where? )
no kitchen appliances?  (maybe there is not much cooking)
i would love to see an apartment with evidence of more life in it. i bet many of us who live in apartments dont have minimal furnishings or possessions.

my current apt is my home (for 10 years) and it has – books, knitting, cats, clothes, winter coats, running shoes, computer (or two), TV, a stereo and components, records, tapes (yes), etc… as well as kitchen appliances and a piano and music. and under 800 sq ft

if i had few belongings and very little furniture my place would be empty too.

i also dont have builtin kitchen cabinets or lots of closets or an updated bathroom. however i love my place with my stuff and i have created great storage (hidden and open) to handle my things. (which i declutter frequently)

to each his own. 

which is after all what these tours show. 
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