(wherein i document the progress of my first sock knitting)


how a sock starts (toe up).

uh oh.  

i have discovered sock knitting. 

it has started innocently .  an impending gift and out of ideas of things to make (and time) decided to surf my stash and found a pair of SOCK IT TO ME and thought .. why not? 

had ventured in this territory once before – one sock of the HEDERA pattern and for some reason abandoned it and have since frogged it – maybe because it was top down and so you start with tons of leg and i must have become bored. 


the thing about a new knitting method and me is that i will (and have) spend(t) hours surfing and reading all i can stand about as much of the new method as i can find… and then of course it took hours to find a pattern that appealed and then was not too advanced – even though i am jumping in with all five needles - 

so as a true knitter i found two patterns - ON YOUR TOES (Ann Budd) and the wonderful Wendy Johnson's FINGERING WEIGHT SOCKSpattern .

and actually got as far as a heel. 


but well,  i didnt like the way the colors worked on the heel



ugh .

so i ripped and ripped and then tightened up my tension – and researched some more.. and found a heel that people whom i admire recommend.  

and well, its a sock. so NBD . i ripped and reknitted up to the heel and then last night turned the heel. (really cool BTW) 

ok so there is pooling but its less rows and because its the blue stripes, it looks better IMHO.


so first heel completely completed (rather than done and frogged) and an inch beyond. so now comes the great question of what to do on the legs. i think i am going to stop and do the other sock to the same point and then work away at both to the grand finish.

Kingdom  (that wonderful but cancelled series) helped during the anxiety of the first heel turning [this must be my third time watching it]  i alternate watching a bunch of series depending on mood – last night was Kingdom and Single Handed (first viewing – although i started dozing off so will rewatch the first episode tonight)  also working way thru George Gently, Midsomer Murders, Inspector Lewis, Spiral(French crime) and Borgen with Kavanagh QC being meted out slowly as John Thaw is dead so as to savour them all.  there is a long list of comedies and dramedys (like Ballykissangel) that i cycle thru.  some nights a little comedy is the thing to relax after a long day dealing with clients!

and since i know you are longing to see the WIP as of today – voila!



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