socks (contd)

my sock is finally proceeding 

as is my method of learning – i have ripped this poor sock out at least three times (not that i am keeping count) but that is how i learn – by practice… i dont see the point of abandoning half socks or socks that dont work out… so photos taken and then rip rip rip. 

i was rather unhappy with the feel of the fabric of the recent attempt – it just felt too flabby and smushy and not right.  this is SOCK IT TO ME Puzzle (discontinued but was a gift years ago before sock knitting seemed a possibility)  was already knitting on size 1.

so i ripped yet again and went down to size 0 and … now ! a sock that feels like a sock – nice tight fabric…. still only getting 7 st but it could be the yarn (sock it to me puzzle) so i am now at the heel AGAIN (will have this method memorized by the time i actually complete the second scok! 

i am forging ahead even though i am getting tired of this colorway – the stripes are nice but i am ready to try another sock yarn.  

i have been limited at starting with another yarn because of only having one set of size 0 needles… but that has been remedied … and soon will be able to switch between two different socks.  which will hopefully help with the oft mentioned second sock syndrome i have heard about.  

and also looking forward to just knitting the sock instead of all this restarting – although i know that it has been part of the process.  in effect i just knit three gauge swatches and three technique swatches.  i dont mind the time, its not wasted, just ready to move forward to the next stage.

its fun perusing a new technique and for items that are practical – i hate store bought socks and have never had a pair of hand knitted socks so am looking forward to this.  and to actually wearing my knitting. 

i adore shawls, and have made quite a few about half and half in terms of giving and keeping,  and wear them as i like.  love sweaters but work in a very warm (temperature) office with no regulation temp wise so for the foreseeable future, am not planning much sweater making … would like to knit a fair isle sweater because of the technique (love stranded knitting) but have to plan for that budget wise. 

sock knitting seems to fit the bill for now.  

will try to post photos of the latest incarnation shortly. 

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