sock knitting

uh oh.

i have discovered sock knitting.

it has started innocently .  an impending bday for a family member and out of ideas of things to make (and time) decided to surf my stash and found a pair of SOCK IT TO ME and thought .. why not?

had ventured in this territory once before – one sock of the HEDERA pattern and for some reason abandoned it and have since frogged it – maybe because it was top down and so you start with tons of leg and i must have become bored.


the thing about a new knitting method and me is that i will (and have) spend(t) hours surfing and reading all i can stand about as much of the new method as i can find… and then of course it took hours to find a pattern that appealled and then was not too advanced – even though i am jumping in with all five needles –

so as a true knitter i found two patterns – ON YOUR TOES (Ann Budd) and the wonderful Wendy Johnson’s FINGERING WEIGHT SOCKS pattern .


well that was the beginning of a post a few weeks ago – will continue the story soon.


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