simple things

2009 05 29 032spent last Saturday all day outside in the glorious weather – low 70s, low humidity. it was all about cleaning and clearing up – sorting thru storage bins under the potting bench (throwing out expired dated products, repackaging, etc) – sweeping up yet more thousands of those stupid seed pods from the oak tree next door – mowing the lawn – clearing up beds – pruning –staking - weeding. etc.   by 7 pm was exhausted and thrilled with all the work done.

that night there was a tickle in the back of the throat…by Sunday morning it was a full blown sore throat and by Sunday night – sick.   it’s weird, the same virus takes hold when rundown and exhausted.  truly, it’s always been the same thing.  (sore throat, cough with sinusitis and/or fever).

previous week had been full of a lot – a new (used) refrigerator moved in and the old used refrigerator moved out which necessitated a huge ordeal of moving everything off the pantry shelves (two stackable bookcases) and then moving the pantry (bookcases) and then cleaning out behind the old fridge and then cleaning the new (used) fridge once it was moved in (by the great help of the upstairs neighbor guys) and then of course, too excited so stayed up late putting it all back together.

The upstairs neighbors directly above me moved out on Thursday (back to Mobile) and helped them out thru the week.   Friday was all about errands.

anyway, Monday was a total loss – Tuesday was a little better – actually felt like eating by the evening.  thank goodness for the French Open this week on espn2.  by this afternoon – much better.  made a spinach tart and cleaned the new (used) washer and dryer (in the basement) in preparation for using for first time (bought in FEB from another departed neighbor*, the landlord just this week moved the washer to my elec/water connections and will hopefully move the dryer soon).

2009 05 29 029it used to be that this “thing” would last up to a week…this is the second bout since the new year with this and each time a much faster recovery. 

the only thing that can be attributed for that is the one thing added to my diet – a daily drink made from Whole Foods Soy Protein powder.  Seriously.  Since late last winter, have been religious about drinking this every day.   containing 100% of practically every vitamin and mineral required daily and with my hatred of vitamin pills and need for protein first thing in the morning, it has been perfect.

just hadn’t realized how much difference it would make to my overall health. 

simple things.

*yes, everyone else has moved out of the fourplex.  need an apartment near the Tappan Zee bridge? there are two going here, one has been rented.

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