Another report from the decluttering front (can you stand it?) This the second to last major project … dealing with the craft bookcases outside the study. These hold books on Knitting/Needlework and Gardening and other misc household type books.  Also because this is the back hallway and separated from the “front” of the apartment by a curtain/rug (its a railroad), unfortunately it’s the one area where “things” pile up – like boxes and bags of well, you know, that sort of object that unless you have a place for it ends up in a box or bag for well, weeks sometimes. 

All of those objects are now dispersed to their proper places or thrown out or soon to be thrown out (in the case of MS and RSimple magazines that have to wait for recycling day on Wed). 

The fileboxes in the last photo are the previously mentioned recyclable mags and  magazines (ok, New Yorkers) that need to be culled and thrown out.  At some point I will get the complete DVD of all the New Yorkers but it’s not high on the list of expenditures at the moment.

And so the bookcases were reorganized and arranged .  These are bookcases bought at Gothic Cabinet Craft many many years ago and they have held up rather well.  The only problem is with the left bookcase and the heavy knitting books – two of the shelves had fallen due to the weight and the holes (where the pins holding the shelves are inserted) were now too large to hold them again.  So the shelves had to be rearranged – thus you see that small narrow shelf which actually works as it holds the precious and valuable Alice Starmore knitting/needlepoint books.   

So without further ado

From this…

 To this….


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1 Response to Decluttering

  1. Will says:

    Good going–we’re having a huge yard sale tomorrow to get rid of our excess.


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