there is a mail order nursery in north west new york state which i love, adore, would move to inherit asap – it’s where i have ordered my perennials annually since 2000 (except for a few fallow years).

Graceful Gardens

take a few minutes (or hours) and browse thru the gorgeous plants.. they have annuals too.  Great prices and wonderful products.

80% of the perennials in the garden are from there.  This year’s order was for two boxes which arrived last Friday.  (The first order for this garden was five boxes and the next two years was for three; either I am getting frugal about plant buying (not!) or getting better at figuring out what works (hopefully!).

2009 05 29 007

2009 05 29 0102009 05 29 011

The plan was to plant on Sunday (after the day of clean up on Saturday)… but well, see the previous post for that delay.

Here they are waiting – hopefully tomorrow they will be in their new homes. 

2009 05 29 013

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