First day of Fall

is a good time to restart, don’t you think?  (ok, so it’s not the actual first day, but close enough).   A little absence maybe makes the heart grow fonder.  For the three of you that still check in here, well, surprise!

Actually meant to write this post much earlier today but something bizarro happened yesterday with my home wireless network setup – first it was the laptop’s network connection that went all flaky last night which led to a bit of time sorting that out (Vista is SO not user friendly regarding redoing network stuff).  And then today – another GORGEOUS day like the five before it (such a stretch that fingers are crossed)- was all set up on the patio table after a bunch of chores and feeling virtuous and ready to post and WHAMASLAM no wireless !  After much grumbling and door slamming (cats a flying ) finally realized that it was the stooopid Range Expander that had probably caused the problems all along.  Don’t even get me started as to why Manufacturer websites have the worst possible help data (although Linksys has considerably updated their website since I installed this RE months and months ago).  And that of course is the weirdness about it – this RE was setup months ago – sometime in early spring – and not a pipsqueak of a problem since then.  Was there some electronic wierdness in space yesterday?  (some websites were flaky too).  Anyway, one HOUR later – ugh – and a total reset and reconfiguration of the RE (with brand new settings and its own ip etc) and (knock on wood too) all is well (for now!)

So before waxing nostalgic on the events past, enjoy this lovely flower (and as a reward for having to read all about network/computer issues).

isn’t that gorgeous?  It’s from this very old hydraganea that is thriving albeit with much neglect – it’s in the small front bed of the house next door which is for sale due to the last owner’s death (July 2007).  Need to get a good cutting from that plant – especially if the hosue ever sells – although in this economic climate – opps not even going there today .  Have no idea what the name of this hydraganea is … maybe someday will find it.    There were two blooms like this one – the other is on my desk in my study.

[now let me rant a minute about Scribefire… they don’t link to your Flickr acct so in order to get that photo, after uploading to the computer, then uploading to Flickr, then open Flickr and get url – hey WAY too  much work.  So while I truly like this program – so many of my images go into Flickr. This may be a deal breaker for image heavy posts – will have to use Live Writer or BlogJet (if it’s updated more recently) ok rant over]

Fiesty today aren’t I?  well blame the weather and two huge mugs of tea, which you can see in this photo below – the view from my chair on the patio.

That’s the state of the garden right now – not too bad considering the heat spells we had in July and August (and actually about a week ago three atypically hot days for Sept).  While in the Berkshires for my eldest nephew’s FIRST day of FIRST GRADE (Yikes!) the week after Labor Day, stopped at a great local place Taft Farm which is a favorite shopping place of my sister and her son (the first grader).  Filled the backseat with dahlias (huge pots of about 4 plants each for $5) and lots of coleus (you can see more shots of these in the 2008 Sept set at Flickr).  Just the ticket for filling in the spots where the delphiniums and foxgloves had bolted in the back rose bed and the disaster area that was the groundhog’s nightly supper – a spot where sweet william and daisies were supposed to grow, poor things in one of the side beds.  And of course being of the red family (the coleus) didn’t hurt!  

This is a grand time to be in the garden – no worries about spring/summer planting to do, gorgeously cool days and chilly nights to sit with a sweater and a hot mug of tea and enjoy the birds bathing in the bird bath (as now – there are about five little robins it looks like having a grand bath ); assessing the successes and failures of the garden (more shrubs, less perennials is my current opinion) and…

[just took a break to check email – dangerous thing for there was a notice from one of the area nurseries that there is a 20% off everything sale this weekend ]

well, the only worry is Fall Planting and Bulbs.  There is one huge whole in the very back bed – where at the very back of that bed is the point of entry by the dreaded GH (gr#*#*h*g).  Momentarily it has been stopped – by a dumping of lots of broken clay pots shards and pieces of glass and a liberal dumping of the cat litter box (a few times).  So either that has helped or it has already started hibernating or someone/thing else killed it – whatever, it (FINGERS CROSSED, CANDLES LIT) has not appeared for a few weeks.   But the damage was done again – with lots of bad dirt thrown onto the middle of the bed – poor astilbe and diantras.  And probably was the cause of the problems with the gorgeous hydraganea that had really taken off in that spot this summer.  Not sure on that one and will leave it for another post (its a little depressing ).

As for current events – the Met Opera had its opening night Gala last night – listened in on Sirius while participating in a very lively chat with other opera lovers sponsored by La Cieca at  Still pondering the whole evening – however, my initial reaction is that I would have preferred a different group of operas/scenas – yes, its a gorgeous instrument but sometimes that is all that we get with a lot of surface activity instead of emotions and drama. 

Tonight is opening night for SALOME – with Karita Mattila.  I was fortunate to have seen the first run of this (two times) and will be listening again.  KM gave a bravura performance then … tonight should be just as hot.

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