Crazy World

Crazy world
Full of crazy contradictions, like a child.
First you drive me wild, and then you win my heart
With your wicked art.

One minute tender, gentle, then tempermental as a summer storm.
Just when I believe your heart’s getting warmer, you’re cold, and you’re cruel.
And I like a fool, try to cope, try to hang on, to hope.

Crazy world
Every day the same old roller coaster ride.
But I’ve got my pride, I won’t give in.
Even though I know I’ll never win.
Oh, how I love this crazy world.
-Henry Mancini/Lesley Bricusse


A fun old time musical on TCM tonight and just the ticket.  My nephews were completely wired and rambunctious making bedtime quite a long drawn ordeal.  So it was good to come home and find this on the TCM channel. (Especially since I had forgotten to tape the Season 6 premiere of NCIS – love MH and was a bit bummed to say the least*). 

I have loved this film since it came out and was privileged to see Ms. Andrews in the Broadway musical version which was well done but who can beat this cast – especially the late Robert Preston – he and James Garner tie in stealing their scenes.

And Lesley Ann Warren is fabulous! (It’s also great to see her recently in the new IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA, one of the subplots teasingly shows her perform an audition for the local theatre company … btw this is a must-see show, catch it in repeats until the new season next winter).

*thanks to my CA sister, I will be getting a copy of this!

ps SOME LIKE IT HOT is on now… Tony Curtis sending up Cary Grant – priceless!

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