WIP report

It's been a bit of a busy summer and knitting has not been that constant. After a bit of a dry spell, I worked most of a Swallowtail Shawl in a yarn that in the end was WAY too heavy and frogged that = which was about a week of work (argh – good thing i like process).

However as much as I like process knitting I am itching for a product..so before I succumbed to the siren call of the latest HOT sweater on Ravelry (the clever adult working of the February Baby Sweater by Pamela Wynne) I decided to suck it up and deal with some UFOs.

after a bit of time in the UFO pile… out comes CECE. Started last summer (I think) and left with the body done. I am actually making this a variation of the famous CECE pattern by adding much length to the body.

Below is the saga of this WIP. (Updated photos soon).

8/1 re picked up this UFO and immediately screwed up the lace pattern but caught it and quickly knitted up to the length i think will work. i am making it much longer and a bit looser than the pattern.

8/2 picked up the first sleeve and finished the inc and knitted up to where it seemed to be a good length. then discovered that the pattern i am using is the FIRST version without the 3/4 sleeve length – so had to find the later version and print it out and then recalculate.

8/2 started the second sleeve and after catching up on a lot of recorded shows and listening to Gotterdammerung from Bayreuth got almost to the pattern specified length of 13 inches.

8/3 NOT happy with all the SS along the increase seam. after reading the pattern again and reading a bit on the Chic Knits group, decided to rip back to first increase and incorporate the lace pattern along the increases.

Much better. Finished that sleeve and ripped the other one (done with no increases along the seam line) and restarted it.

8/3 am going to run out of yarn. Damn and blast after searching at Yarndex, find this color (3426 Claret Tahki Cotton Classic) is DISCONTINUED! Search of Ravelry and the Nets comes up with NIL. MAJOR AGRO and hair ripping!

Joined the sleeves and started on the decreasing for the raglan top. This will be interesting to see how long before I run out.

8/6-7 a very frustrating night. reached the end of my yarn and still have 28 stitches in the front sections to decrease to 6. after a mad search and claw (at 2 am ) thru all the boxes of my stash (my database said i had more!) could not find any more of the yarn. So after a bit of nail biting, decided to unravel the bottom of the sweater (SUCH A PAIN) . Am starting with the four row border. if that is not enough will have to go higher.

However, I had made this MUCH longer (tried it on and it hits below my bum) so there is a bit of length to work with but the unraveling is a pain.

Oi what we do for knitting!

I think I get to cast on for the February Lady Sweater to assuage my pain. ;o

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