Evelyn Clark’s wisdom

Knitting Lace Triangles

Knitting Lace Triangles

by Evelyn A. Clark

In the Author's Words…..
"This book is organized to help knitters design their own triangle
using four simple laces Flower, Leaf, Medallion and Ripple. Each lace
can be used alone or combined with any or all of the others."(pg 6)

From the Introduction…..
"The shawls shown throughout the book are described in the appendix.
Whether these are used as a template or an inspiration, a great way to
plan a design is to think about what it can represent. Personalizing it
with a story can offer comfort, celebrate an accomplishment,
commemorate a special occasion or express a dream for the future.

Flowers can represent beauty, hope and renewal; leaves can
represent growth and change; and ripples can represent waves in the
river of life or the passing of time. The names of the motifs are very
general to inspire a variety of possibilities. Thinking about what the
lace can represent when planning and knitting the triangle gives it
special meaning."

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1 Response to Evelyn Clark’s wisdom

  1. Kathleen says:

    I treated myself to this book last weekend, after having knitted four of this lady’s designs. Because of the simple publishing it doesn’t have the wow factor as such, but it’s packed with information. That ripple stitch is calling my name!


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