long time

so what happened to August and September?

It flew by like the proverbial wind – its been very busy around this little village and especially in a certain new apt – my mother moved from one apt to another (MUCH larger one-like 1500 sq ft) .  that started on Aug 20 (although i spent the preceding three-four days packing up the first apt)

we spent that Mon moving stuff from the old to the new and then Tue and wed unpacking and arranging etc.  she had hired her handyman from her Louisiana home, Emil, and his cousin to drive a u-haul up from Louisiana with a ton of furniture and pictures and well, you know things.  they flew out on Friday and then she went to the Berkshire Sister’s house for the next week – to help out with the eldest grandson who was not in school while his mom was.

then back on labor day weekend and the fun continued!  we spent that week getting the Saturn insured and re registered… oh i forgot to mention that my Village Sister decided to upgrade to a Toyota van and thus I got the Saturn much sooner than I had thought.  see the original plan was i bought the old (1998) Honda in Feb and in about a year when the two nephews were a bit older VS would upgrade – but after carting the baby in and out of the smallish back seat – ENOUGH she said – and off she went to buy the van and  i am in the possession of a 2002 Honda SL1 (its a 4door smallish sedan).  We are selling the Honda (its a valiant little car with 190000+ miles)

so where was I?  oh yeah the first week of sept – so we got the car insured and re registered in ONE day – yeah i cant believe it either since i had already been to the DMV once already about this car…. lets just say THANK YOU and a big one to the DMV workers in Yonkers!  really they are the best – especially when they took a “not on the official list” piece of id for the 6 points! 

The next two weeks were VERY productive.  To wit, see the list :

1.  Trip to K-mart for general household stuff and a new LARGE garbage can (since the landlord did not provide one!)

2.  Trip to Home Depot for general household stuff and plants for deck.

3.  Creation of enclosure for garbage can and recycle bins – requiring, yes, a trip to Home Depot for many bags of rocks for the “floor” of the enclosure.  Said enclosure is made up of two sets of “standing panels”  one of plastic and one of wood – maybe ill take photos.

4. Setting up of hose reel and rewinding (several times) of old hose brought up from LA and realizing that the reason there are TWO water faucets on the deck is that ONE is HOT and one is cold (someone must have had a hot tub).  Reconnecting hose to the cold water one after drenching plants with hot water (sigh)

5.  Putting together a FIREPLACE (yes really) I will get photos of this.  At first it was fine until at the VERY END I realized i had put a piece in upside down – oh and it was the FIRST PIECE to be assembled – so yes, the fireplace was put together TWICE.  (and you know so much easier the second time )

6. Potting about a hundred mums – well not really only a couple of dozen.

7. More trips to HD and K-mart (i can provide detailed maps of both stores if anyone wants them!)

8. A trip to the local nursery… yup more mums and this time some cabbage and pansies.

8. Trip to the framing store (50%sale yeah) and then the hanging of another 100 pictures – not really but a lot. 

9. Hanging of many curtains and one especially skanky curtain rod due to the flaky nature of the poor plaster of the wall – of course no molding on that window).

10.  Computer setup and then trip to BEST BUY for new cpu and set up of that – can you say Hello in VISTA  – and then a new printer too.

11.  almost forgot another HD trip for more potting soil during which we acquired a wheelbarrow which had to be assembled.

12  also assembled the large deck box to hold deck furniture cushions

So what's left to do:

1.  hang the seven (or is it eight) window roller shades to put up but that has to wait until i replace the two drill bits that have been broken – one during the deck box and the other one – oh i can’t even remember how it broke.

2.  hang the rod for the shower curtain liner

3.  secure the willow fencing (which we have put around the deck for privacy) to the deck which will require a lot of wire and twisting.

4.  some odds and ends and then general house clean up.

this week’s weather is AWFUL – its like the weather goddess forgot it was SEPTEMBER and decided we needed to be in AUGUST – hot humid and yucky.  BUT there is a cold front moving in tonight and it cant come soon enough.  the forecast for the next week seems to be fallish weather with 50s (!) at night and low 70s during the day  – finally!

unfortunately not much knitting going on – too tired at night to do much but crash. then yesterday I woke up with a back ache and its seems to be a pulled muscle – not much comfort yesterday but lots of aspirin seem to have helped and today its more manageable and i may even be able to knit – but alas, wont be going to knitting group as its still too ache-y.

Ravelry is great but its also another chore – to open all those stash boxes and take photos – yikes – i do have my stash on an excel spreadsheet – maybe ill just put it in without photos and take them later.   I am recalling a lot of projects unfortunately many are long gone and no photos but maybe sometime down the road.  (one is at VS ‘s house so i can get that one – the Celtic Poncho).

ok my sitting at the computer time is done for today – back to the sofa (to play violetta)


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2 Responses to long time

  1. First of all tell me about the Celtic Poncho so I can remember whether I have the pattern or not.
    Had any time to listen to beautiful music? It’s great for relaxing a strained back (you just overdid it on the fireplace building – lucky we don’t usually have to do that more than once in a few years, huh?)
    Think I went through Irvington on a train trip up the Hudson Valley last year. How far are you from Flying Fingers (can’t keep on the yarn diet, no matter how hard I try).


  2. Forgot to say that I simply haven’t had the nerve or the energy to even start putting stash on Ravelry. I mean – given the ocean and a teaspoon…


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