sucked in

to Ravelry

I know its hard to read this if you are not in– i hated reading all the praises too but well, yeah, it’s really great – fantastic in fact.

So just a quick update (maybe Ill post more tonight) and I have to dash – look for me as SOGALITNO. 

And yes, I joined a bunch of groups – even created a few – Cable Lovers, Shawl Lovers, MS Knitting Camp, BBC and British Mystery Lovers (what can I say – its fun!)

Work is progressing on Rose Ribbon Shawl from the new Evelyn Clark Lace Triangles book …more later and maybe a photo.  Its a great “how to do this” book.

PS  The other reason for not lots of blogging is settling in my mother in her new Second Home apt here in our small village.  (Now if I can just take away her computer so the UPS man and I can have a rest!)  

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