A New Year –

and resolutions?


One of my favorite blogs is BREED’EM AND WEEP.  The author writes with a style and pithiness which speaks to me – check her out.  Its about life in the Berkshires of two artistic parents and their charming adorable intelligent girls and The Mater who just moved to the same city (she has her own blog too!)

Today’s post provoked tears in my eyes- sometimes that blog shoots an arrow right into my soul.  The idea of giving up “WANTING” .  Its a powerful one – and somehow related to one of my latest issues – GRATITUDE.  and also the constant struggling to let go of “who i am supposed to be”  which has got to be the HARDEST thing in the world.

This past year has seen major changes – i left a situation that was VERY VERY bad and with it all the people (and some very bad ones) that had been my life for over 10 years – created a garden and made an old apt into a home and reconnected with my baby sister and her family – including my incredible nephew.

Its been a hard lonely year and November was one of those milestone birthdays too (and yes, i am still vain enough not to say which one). this new year i face with lots of questions and one promise to myself – to be true to my talents and dreams.

financially and professionally its very scary – but the other situation had made me first psychically ill and then physically ill and finally i listened to my body and my soul.  you can’t continue to be in an environment that is detrimental to your very being.

I think of this past year as jumping off a cliff – I am still gliding and not sure where I will rest eventually – as I float thru the air I am still far above the ground and only can discern the vaguest outlines of the land where I am headed – its clearer now than it was but still cloudy. 


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2 Responses to A New Year –

  1. ariadne says:

    Happy New Year, southern gal!
    May 2007 be a year of warmth, joy & healing.


  2. sogalitno says:

    Thanks… its still scary! but onward!


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