Domesticity rules!

Spent the morning and early afternoon baking the first two loaves

[because of my newest nephew Mr L’s arrival on Dec 23rd all my plans pre Christmas went right out the window and then I had a major sinus infection Thu-Sat).  so that brings us to shopping for baking goods on New Year’s Eve (NOT something i EVER want to repeat) and baking today…and tomorrow and…]

Here is one of them (delivered to my sister)


and opened.


It’s Orange Cranberry Walnut Bread.

And now I have to find more cranberries as the STORE was OUT (can’t even imagine why) – I had two bags squirrelled in the freezer thank goodness.  The other loaf baked today went to my landlord – who obligingly stopped by thus saving me a trip. 

The rest go to neighbors and the postman.  Its a great bread – I made one Saturday night to test it out as its a slightly different version than one I made years ago – but for finding the cranberries.  Ohh well, i may substitute blueberries instead or raspberries or strawberries? 

Anyway, spent the afternoon and evening at my sister’s house (she of the new baby) .  Mr W, the big brother, has been under the weather for the last few days – a little fever and not feeling good – so he was in his pyjamas all day.  But he was feeling well enough to play trains with me while we waited for dinner to cook – we had roasted chicken, black-eyed peas and rice and a spinach salad.    The newborn Mr L, slept thru most of this until, of course, Mr W’s bedtime and then it was feeding time.   I left around 9 as Mr W was still being visited in bed in turn by my sister and b-in-law.  Poor thing, its hard to be sick at almost-three-years-old.    Fingers crossed that he sleeps thru the night tonight as he didnt the last two nights. 

Feast your eyes on this face – beatific non?


As for knitting – I am finishing the LASTgift and then will be FINALLY mailing everything on WED now that the post office is closed Tuesday for President Ford’s Funeral.   Photos in the next few days.

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