Breaking News – KNITTY GRITTY on HGTV

This morning I was looking for weather (its COLD here in the Hudson Valley today) and stumbled on KNITTY GRITTY at 11 am on HGTV .  Apparently its on Mon-Fri at 11 am!!!  WOO HOO !!  Can’t really tell but it looks as if its older shows?

Here’s this week’s topics

You Spin Me Right Round – Spinning fibers; making spindles from recycled materials.

3-Way Rectangles – Fashionable garments using knitted rectangles; dressing up knitwear with fringe and simple stitch patterns.

Sock-It to Me – Knitting socks.

All About Aran – The traditional Irish knitting style, Aran, is used to make an afghan; sheep shearing; unique knitting tool.

The Scarf! – Three scarf designs; making custom point protectors.

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1 Response to Breaking News – KNITTY GRITTY on HGTV

  1. rachel says:

    yes, I believe these are older shows. I get DIY, so I’ve see a lot of them, but I can’t remember the titles! They all sort of blend together after a while.
    I like this show, but it could be better. It’s…sort of…hokey? Maybe that’s the word I’m looking for. Like Vicki tries to be funny and ends up just being corny. The Knit Bits are a case in point.


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