baby its cold outside

Dec 05 Partly Cloudy HI 38°F LO 27°F

now that i pay for my heat (gas) and after last winter’s bills (which i am STILL paying), I keep the house at around 58 degrees – today its around 38-40 outside so the furnace is trying to come on – i may have to turn it down again

when i am at home i resort to wearing lots of layers – a thermal undershirt (and soon pants) wool socks and then a wool crewneck sweater and either a poncho (when i practice piano to keep my arms free) or a heavy wool sweater (at night)

also purchased two ceramic portable heaters – one for the music room and one for the den and an electric blanket for my bed – so the heat doesn’t need to come on much at all.

its been a real slow process for me – i’ve been up here 20 years now – and find that all corporate offices and many public spaces are TOOOOOO hot. So at home i look like an expeditioner to the Alps but if i am going somewhere public/work like space – i dress less warm and wear a GREAT DOWN coat and WARM UGG boots (its cold on that train platform next to the Hudson River!) so I can derobe and then be not TOO hot wherever I am.   If i am at home all day – i just layer and unlayer as the day wears on. 

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1 Response to baby its cold outside

  1. Will says:

    I keep my houe at 62, 59 when I go out for any length of time. I live from room to room, meaning that when I leave a room, all lights go out and then on in the next room I need to be in. A lot of people refuse to live this way, but I have better things to do with my money than feed monopolies that milk the public of vast sums and then declare profits in obscene amounts.
    Layering is a fine way to dress. I just make sure it’s all coordinated. 🙂


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