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So  – I am starting a new knitting group here in my small village on the Hudson River.   Its going to be sponsored by the village library – the program director knows my sister (who did a reading there for her first novel) and of course my adorable nephew – and as we were chatting one day somehow the topic of knitting came up  (she was admiring my Flower Basket Shawl) and a a short while later, i was agreeing to start a group.  (Not that it took much persuading – I have been dyeing to meet other local knitters)

I am thrilled – i miss knitting with others since i moved in Fall 2005.  There was a group I started at my job (really small) and another one in Park Slope that is still going on but distance precludes my attending that one anymore.  And without a car, I can’t go to the one area knitting group I could find (they weren’t very friendly either when I enquired about the group). 

Over the weekend I posted emails on a few of the bigger knitting lists and also on Craigslist – and have received some emails of interest!  (I am REALLY thrilled!)  What I am planning on is an Introductory meeting on a weekend day (Time TBD) and then the group can decide day and time of the weekly meeting as per group preference (and library availability).

May 2006020

This is a real step for me – I have tended more to introversion in the last years – don’t know if its a swing back from the extreme extroversion of my younger years.   That’s a long story for another day. 

Maybe its because for the first time ever, I have a little HOME– yeah, its tiny (six very small rooms) and yeah, its a rental, but its the biggest space i have ever had to myself – and i have a garden (bigger than I have ever had the one at my Park Slope apt was the brownstone’s front yard – about 80 sq ft).  And i love the little sweet village I live in.  And that my baby sister and my nephew and nephew-to-be are just five mins away.

I have spent the last year fixing up the apt and making it a home = and reaching the end of this journey – it feels good.  The joy of my life is my music room and baby grand piano (although its being fixed right now – soon to be home).  In the photo, that’s the south wall along the long wall of the apt (its a railroad) with all my scores and cds and music books – and the cat’s favorite sleeping spaces (except not now as its FREEZING in there – I run one of the heaters while I practice).

Anyway – as small as it is – its home for me and my cats.   And actually just recently (like this past week) I was realizing that I am beginning to feel “settled” – you know its been a year (i moved on the day of Katrina – no kidding) and now that all the boxes are finally unpacked and every room has been organized (even my clothes closets! and the study ), I  can get thru a day without – – oh s$%^ where did i pack that ? or is it in the basement storage?  

hmm, i have wandered a bit haven’t I?  Oh well. musings on life!

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  1. Macoco says:

    Good luck with the knitting group! I just joined my first knitting group and it has been fun so far. I think (especially for the winter) it will be nice to have plans out of the apartment once a week. 🙂


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