NYS DMV – After Your Road Test

I Passed My Road Test

The license examiner gives you an interim driver license that is valid for 90 days (10 days for commercial learner permits (CDL) and non-commercial Class C learner permits). Keep the interim driver license with your learner permit as proof that you have a driver license.

NYS DMV – After Your Road Test.

WOOHOO – PASSED!   Of course it would be the COLDEST day yet this winter – 3 degrees wind chill this morning – its still so cold that my furnace is coming on – i keep the house at 58 degrees so you know its bad if the furnace is on!    Anyway, it was quite an adventure – driving up to a small town north of here (Yorktown Heights) which supposedly was one of the best sites to take the test.  My examiner was nice; my first attempt at the parallel parking was a bit close but he gave me another try and that one was fine. 

So NEVER again will I let my DL expire!  Take it from me – you don’t need to spend he 20+ hours necessary to get a new one from scratch (and that excludes the online time studying for the written test).

update on knitting and the new group and other stuff later.


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