Project Gracious

A blogger whom I admire greatly is starting a project for the Habitat for Humanity group she belongs to with her husband (he helped start it).  Details here 

I was thinking it would be a beautiful thing if fellow knitters from around the country and around the world meeting here at my blog would put their needles together and make up some 7? squares to be assembled into blankets for the local Habitat families to receive as Christmas gifts.

I chose the word “Parcels” because the squares would be parcles in the mail, but also as a symbolic representation of “parcels” of land in this beautiful rural area. Each 7? square will represent a parcel of land, which might add to the imagination and creativity of the knitters who are contributing to the motion.

I chose the word “Gracious” because it represents to me the sincerely, humble, and giving attitude I have seen exhibited by the volunteers who brought the local Habitat for Humanity alife and keep breathing life into it on a regular basis.

I plan to categorize the squares into “seasons”. One complete blanket (49 squares) could have all four seasons in it, or each individual blanket might represent a season all in itself. It will be fun to see what colors arrive, the textures, etc. and to arrange them accordingly.


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