lots of updates – mainly photos, not much typing cause of this


done while working on this:

IMG_1288    IMG_1287

That’s the outside of the “front door” to my apartment – its an interior door off the downstairs hallway – right next to the Front door into the building.   All of those panes where covered with two coats of paint.  Sunday i scrapped them all off – it took about four hours – don’t know if thats a long time or not but it was long enough – especially the last one (the top left ) during the middle of which I cut that left forefinger – its a slice right on the right edge of the finger– just where you type and hold things etc.    so no practicing the piano for a few days! boohoo

I am very happy with the way they look – this is something I have wanted to do ever since I moved in.  Now the next step is to scrap/clean off the INSIDE –



– as you can see in the photo above that I have done the top two and some of the others.  And you can see how the entire door will look when completed – with the lace curtain showing thru – i also have black velvet curtains to pull over the door to help with the draft from the Building Front Door.

As for what’s on the insides? its very weird – some of the panes have paint on them only but some have paint and (the yellowish part) some sticky kind something – god knows WHAT it is or how long its been on these panes – this building is turn of the century (as in 1900).  Don’t know when the glass door was put in – there is one just across the hall to the mirror apt on the first floor that is also painted over.   So it will be a combination of scraping and using GOO BE GONE to get the sticky gunk off.  Another day’s project!

And here is the beginning of the door handle redo  I may have to replace this one as its not the interesting once i started to get the paint off of it.  I dont even think it will polish up to anything nice.


Here is the other “home reno” project i did this past weekend –

IMG_1281  IMG_1283 

IMG_1285    IMG_1286

Installed pull handles on the Kitchen sink window and sash locks on that window and the Den window and one of the Hallway windows.  Again things I have wanted to do since I moved in – it feels good to get down to the bottom of the list.  I want to get prettier Pulls for the rest of the windows (not use the ones for the kitchen window)– thats FIVE that need them (sigh) but it will be nice when they are done.  Will have to look online or ebay as my local hardware store only had the ones i used on the kitchen window. 

It was quite interesting installing the locks for the Den and Hallway windows – they are double hung and so NOT flush with the sashes when closed that I had to get some little pieces of wood (which I had prudently saved from all my carpenter’s work last fall) and saw them to fit the sash and the height so that I could put the Lock piece on the outside window sash so that the inside window would meet it and the lock would close (hope that makes sense!) 

About the locks– even though I have been in the apt for over a year I did feel a bit safer with them installed and even though my small village has an extremely low crime rate especially since i live next door to an ex police sergeant and two blocks from the police station – still there are three windows that open onto a side alleyway .  I did install security spotlights that are motion detection sensitive but still… i know that the glass can be broken etc. etc (although now that it’s winter i have the storm window and the screens down – so as the police say – just make it hard enough that anyone will not want to take the time to continue.

Now I just need to sew blackout/insulation material into the Den curtains and that curtain that hangs in front of the Music Room door (that one up in the top of the post) to keep the drafts out from the front door (which is not insulated and which others in the building sometimes dont close).  

oh and then buy insulation felt/foam for all the windows and get a new light fixture for the kitchen and get the ceiling light fixed in the den and – sigh, well, the list does continue on doesn't it? 


Birthday flowers and some cards.  That yarn and needles were my grandmother’s (the one who taught me to knit) they are from a sister who doesn't knit but had them. 


Chic Knits ARIANN – in the Finishing stages… i only have ONE skein left – and am in the middle of the second to last skein  – i think i need to order some more – to finish the shaping and then make the collar!

Good news – the nephew who is getting the Totem Jacket was here on Friday and i held it up to him and its going to be fine – he should be able to get two years wear out of it.  So i can continue with the sleeves and then the trim – he is coming back thru next Sunday so maybe Ill work to finish it.



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