Saturday and …

IMG_1228So Saturday i took the “PreLicensing Driving Course” required for all owners of a Learners Permit.  from 9 am til 2 pm.  It was in a little storefront office – we sat in rows of chairs in the actual office space at least there were windows onto the street – and the day was warm enough (its been in the 60s here lately !) so that we had the door open for fresh air – and to keep us awake!

Luckily the teacher was one of those :“good old boys”  – a high school coach (baseball and something else i think basketball?) and had taught for years and years – teaches drivers ed to the high school kids during the summers.

It actually wasnt that bad a course – learned some interesting things – and he was very nice at the break he advised which was the best place to take the road test (did you know that if you HIT the curb during your parallel park you FAIL automatically!? UGH).  – and then he drew the entire road test course for the place he recommended! 

Sat afternoon I logged online and requested the first available road test – DECEMBER 8th!  can’t believe it!  I sure hope there is NO snowstorm that day – so now I have to wait almost a month to get the license – and then buy a car.  oh well.

word to the wise – NEVER let your driver’s license EXPIRE! I know I won’t!

Spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon (and this morning) raking and raking and raking….


We are having the most unusual weather for this time of year – not that i am complaining as it means NO heat on yet!  and that means i save money – here is the temp for today


60 on November 14th!  I could be in Louisiana !  (and its supposed to be pouring on my bday on Thursday )  Temps arent supposed to drop to more normal chilliness until next week – just in time for Thanksgiving ! (and a fire at my sister’s house!)

Here is the sky at 2 pm



As i mentioned recently, I started another shawl – the Shallowtail shawl – here is the progress

IMG_1231   IMG_1232

One with flash and one without – my overhead light in my den has been disconnected – who knows when it will be fixed.

and some cat shots

IMG_1234    IMG_1220

What’s so interesting?


ANYTHING moving along the top of the fence in the alleyway!





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2 Responses to Saturday and …

  1. Barbara says:

    The shawl is beautiful – I like the pic on the left better w/ the light!
    Your backyard is lovely – like a cozy courtyard! Good job raking – that is hard work!


  2. I will never let my drivers license Expire because I can’t take the license test again.:)It was so difficult…


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