and i FINALLY went to start the process of getting my drivers license .  you see, i let mine expire – and expire WAY beyond the time you can renew – so to punish people like me they make you START OVER AT THE BEGINNING like you are 15 again.  ARGH!

so today i stood on line for over an hour after taking a horrible photo (forgot my makeup!) and the written test (passed thank goodness) and then after waiting an hour STANDING in line (they make all the new license folks STAND while EVERYONE else gets to take a number and SIT – REALLY unfair!)  paid in five minutes and was out the door.  (of course, missed the train and had to wait another hour for the next one – sigh, when can i buy a car?)

How long did i stand? – long enough to wind TWO skeins in to  their own balls.   (NOT priceless)

and tomorrow (saturday) from 9 am – 2 pm I get to sit thru the Pre-Licensing course – saints be preserved! it will be dreadfuul i am sure since i asked if i could bring my knitting and the lady on the phone said OH NO!


but then i get to call and make the appointment for the DRIVING TEST – as the mother of one of the young people at the DMV said – if we all had to take these tests we would ALL fail – so I need to practice Parallel parking and a three point turn (can you do that?) and….

well, i will NEVER EVER NEVER EVER let my license expire again. 

and as i sat and waited for the train, i started this….


Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark

I am using a Shetland 4ply yarn from Elann (several years ago) – in dark forest green tones (its heathered a bit). 



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