Thomas Stewart, A Singer and Man As Grand as Opera

Appreciation By Tim Page
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 26, 2006; Page C01

The bass-baritone with his wife, soprano Evelyn Lear, lived in Rockville and had long, distinguished careers with the Metropolitan Opera.

Thomas Stewart died just the way many of us would choose to go — instantly, in the company of the woman he loved, and on the golf course, immediately after making par.

The great American bass-baritone, who had turned 78 last month, was on the links near his home in Rockville late Sunday afternoon. “He had had heart surgery earlier this year and had not been feeling well for some time, but he was getting along, still active, cheerful and doing things,” soprano Evelyn Lear, Stewart’s wife of more than half a century, said yesterday. “We went out to the course, played for a while, he made par, and then suddenly turned around and fell backwards. I tried to resuscitate him, but he didn’t respond.”


Stewart was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead from a massive heart attack.

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