Flower Basket Shawl and blocking

Ok, before you get to the photo candy, i had a brainstorm just now while i was posting the photos of last night’s marathon blocking and finishing session.  

Maybe I could lay the shawls out so that the center line of the increases is across the top of the board and each half of the shawl hangs down on its own side.  what do you think?  hmm.  i will have to see – that would mean standing the board up for all the blocking but it might be easier than the other way.  i will have to experiment and since WOM is SO large, hmmm.

Flower Basket Shawl photos (semi finished) – first the sofa shot and then “artistic shots” on my front porch. 




You can see how the bottom center point and two side points on either side need to be blocked – will just pin that out on a towel and let it dry tonight.   This was made from Elann Peruvian Baby Cashmere and is so light and very warm (its a little chilly today and very windy – good shawl trying on weather!).  I LOVE the color and am THRILLED at how it turned out (once i get that point reblocked).

So another FO! (woohoo) and when WOM is blocked that will be another shawl!  Now what’s next for shawl knitting?  Remember this?

The image “http://sogalitno.typepad.com/southerngalknits/IMG_0904.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The swag I bought at Meg’s Knitting Camp this past July – see that gorgeous RED on the far right (its high up on a shelf so I will get it later) .  I am thinking that might be a beautiful shawl – i really NEED a red shawl now that I have purple and blue and I love those colors.    So to find a pattern!

Other WIPS – i have started JESS (a cardigan type jacket ) by Anna and then ChicKnits came out with a GREAT cardigan ARIANN this week (love her patterns) so after I shop my stash and swatch (i have some ideas … all that peruvian highland wool is not going to go to waste!) so I will have two sweaters to alternate with –

But whoa before i get too excited about another WIP – there is the cable shrug which I really need to finish for a gift (its just a few inches left sigh)  And I should probably take inventory this weekend of my UFOs and figure out whats what!  But I need to cover that sofa and the cushions first!  (remember Scarlett’s philosophy?)

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2 Responses to Flower Basket Shawl and blocking

  1. Kathleen says:

    Your flower basket shawl looks really beautiful. It looks such a lovely colour and you’ll get great coverage with that size of shawl- it looks elegant AND cozy.


  2. Macoco says:

    The shawl is beautiful! I looked at the porch pictures and got all nervous just imagining a big gust of wind carrying the shawl away!


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