Flash – Flash!

[edited to add photos]

Wing of the Moth shawl knitting completed!  (this is in unblocked condition)


Early this morning (or very late last night) bound off all stitches for the WOM shawl – ended up using 13 (10 of my own and two plus about 1/3 of a third skein from Liz in Washington and am i EVER grateful for Liz sending me the extra yarn! )


ok.  off to take a little nap (although Tosca is playing on MET Opera channel and its Albanese from 1957and boy does she sound INCREDIBLE – talk about raw passion!)

also blocked the Flower Basket Shawl – during Foreign Correspondent on TCM (it was Hitchcock night last night – Suspicion, then FC then NbyNwest!  all my favs except i reeeeeally would have liked to seen NOTORIOUS – again).  Also there was a broadcast of the Dick Cavett interview from the 70s with Dc and AH – AH said that his most favorite film was SHADOW of A DOUBT (mine too) – such a great film; Teresa Wright (RIP) was incredible in it as in all of her films.

anyway, more on the blocking story – i made a blocking board that folds in three places out of 4 pieces of foamboard ducttaped together.  but the issue is that my apt is REALLY narrow and the rooms are really tiny = so well, there isnt a lot of wiggle room and no open flat surface to lay the whole board – like on a floor or a bed (i have a loft bed) and hah, the widest open floor space is the hallways (three feet).  So it was quite an interesting thing to do – first i pinned out the long top edge with three wires – and then stood the board up and then pinned out the points of the scalloped edges – but I may have to pin out shawls outside in the backyard and then bring the board in and stand it up.

IMG_1033 _ed

anywho, i was able to pin all of the shawl EXCEPT the bottom four inches including the point ARGH cause it hung off the board. ( i guess i have to get an extra piece to attach across the bottom for these monster shawls)   So I just pinned it up on the board and will block it on its own after the rest is dry – which should be later this morning as i put a fan on it (it rained all night and is still raining). 


ok Tosca is getting ready to give in to Scarpia and i need caffeine! (or a nap)



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2 Responses to Flash – Flash!

  1. Macoco says:

    heeheee your apartment sounds TINY and reminds me of a loft I used to have as well. I would have had no open space to block anything there.
    Can’t wait for the photos!


  2. Liz says:

    Glad I could help! Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished shawl.


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