toys (umm, tools)


my new toy, um tool, arrived today.

can’t wait to use it… although my younger cat, Katie, wasn’t very happy to see it on the table – she scampered off to her favorite spot.


her mother is spending the afternoon in HER favorite spot –


looking out the window of the screen door to the garden where all those LOVELY BIRDS are … and cursing me for not letting her go out and PLAY!

yeah, right!

Wing-of-the-Moth shawl is progressing – but for the last few days I have been obsessed with my new database to inventory all my needlework stuff – books, magazines, yarns, projects,  EVERYTHING.  And so I am teaching myself ACCESS and having a blast.

almost done with the design after i finally got embedded photos to work – had to reinstall Access (stupid MS). you know that i am intrigued by something when I don’t even have the radio/webcast/opera on… but THAT’s all fixed now.  And so early this morning I entered most of my FO projects and WIPs and even some FPs in the PROJECTS and PATTERNS sections.

So today I get to start on the MAGAZINE organizing = which will be good but a bit dusty.  Its a RAINY cool day AGAIN which is good for this kind of work – ironically in July i bought TWO air conditioners for this VERY LONG railroad apt (not cheap either) and have used them for exactly 12 days.  August has been SO NOT hot – oh well, maybe it will  be hot in Sept.  I do use the very low fan setting to circulate air – in the den mainly at night when i sit and knit and watch old movies or murder mysteries.  SiGH

Anyway, its been RAINY since … let me see. THURSDAY of last week – and we got a LITTLE sunshine today but its gone and we are waiting for more rain to come.  Go see my garden’s greenness at my gardening blog (its in the sidebar).  The tobacco plants have grown a foot i swear!  And there is STILL something eating my Joe Pye weed – so very strange!

Today’s weather update from the sogalitno backyard – prediction:  more rain and bad weather.


yesterday and Monday it was POURING all day and the weather stick was almost touching  the fence it was bent so low.  It was raining too hard to get a good photo – too bad as t was really cool.

Last year on this day as I was struggling to comprehend the NO/Gulf Coast disaster and start unpacking, it was 90 and 100% humidity.  Amazing the changes from one year to the next.

ok off to inventory.

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