Words from one who is there – Katrinaversary Observed

Katrinaversary Observed

Welp, it has been a solid year since the storm of the century rocked our little world, which you can read about here. I honestly forgot about my intention to write about this memorable date, even though one only has to turn on the television to be reminded of it. I have pretty much stopped updating everyone on the Katrina recovery. My reasons for it are many, and not at all nice. I hate having to cop an attitude. Even when it may be warranted. I don't want to descend into whining and complaining, but bear with me for a little while. I'll try not to be too negative. I just want to share a little bit of our reality, highlighted with pictures from one year ago. Though most of these particular locations have been cleaned up or repaired, plenty more exist at points farther west down the coastline on which no one has begun to work

ring around the rosies: Katrinaversary Observed.

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