Rain Rain Go Away…

Actually, I dont mind the rain – keeps me from having to water you know.  And its keeping this AUGUST very COOL.  After agonising and researching for hours, and finally buying TWO ACs (i have a long railroad apt) I have only used the AC part about 10 days in the heat wave in July.  Since then its been getting COOLER and COOLER by the week – last night/early this morning its was 62 degrees – on August 30TH!

The backyard weather observation report (4 pm)


Monday and Tuesday the weather stick was bent so low it almost TOUCHED the fence!  can you tell i love my weather stick – so cool!  And now for the amount of rain thus far.


yeah - that says FOUR INCHES (since Friday!)

any who, the rain is NOT stopping somebody from CONTINUING its EATING RAMPAGE on my POOR JOE PYE WEED!


that’s the poor LOVAGE that was eaten weeks ago and has YET to recover.  So WHOMEVER is eating my JPW had started with the plant on the far left in the photo above and has worked its way thru to the one on the far right.    I think its reaching thru the trellis (its an attempt to disguise the hose holder – the JPW was SUPPOSED to grow up and cover it up! yeah right!)  Anyway, i think the creature is reaching thru the trellis and grabbing the leaves – i hope that it will stop now that there are NO MORE TOP LEAVES TO GRAB.

I am trying to figure out what lesson I am supposed to learn from the Universe with these animal poachings… sorry, can’t figure one out – except perhaps patience and non possessiveness.  (neither are strong virtues for me).

ok, to assuage myself here are some current photos after FIVE days of rain .

IMG_0963   IMG_0961 

L – GiANT Tobacco plants; C – Clematis gone wild!

IMG_0968   IMG_0966

L – Yellow and Blue ablaze; R – Path

 IMG_0977  IMG_0976

C – The Back bed; R – Garden overview.



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