no blocking today, KC update

here is the current weather – rain rain and more rain.


so i will get on with my organizing – actually its fine as its fairly cool and i will be doing some moving of boxes and rearranging my knitting magazines and books -YEAH finally.

In the process of going thru the bags, etc under and near my desk in my study – i finally unpacked my Knitting Camp haul.


On the left, a bunch of different colors of the Berrocco Alpaca that Meg is starting to carry ( UMMMMMY yarn).

In the middle and right back, the three skeins of GORGEOUS lace yarn from Joslyns Fiber Farm.  Her corner of the “vendor room” was quite the place to be during the shopping time at Camp.

The blue is Shine-Solid (2500 yds), the creamy ivory is Ariquipa Lace (2480 yds) and the red is Black Cherry  in Lace Mohair (1000 yds)

The books in front – those are 2nd copies for me of the first two (from the left) but Meg signed hers so its SPECIAL and will stay unused and then i couldnt pass up the Anatolian Knitting Designs – such gorgeous patterns (and know that i can do color knitting yahoo!).

The bags in the back – the red one is HUGE (in fact all the yarn fits into it) its from a previous year Camp; the blue one is for this year (you get it with some goodies on the first day).

What is not pictured above are the two dvds – Meg Swansen-Cardigan details and Knitting Workshop with EZ. (they are sitting on my desk )

ok.  off to work organizing and sorting and clearing.  and maybe my reward will be to wind some of that gorgeous shawl yarn and start another one.

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