organizing yarn

ok so not much yarn was moved around or even inventoried -= YET

i spent most of the afternoon DESIGNING my own Access DBase for my yarn inventory with lookup tables and all.  you know the ones i bought just didnt do what i wanted.  i want a LOCATION field and a few other things.

so now i am all set to go – luckily i had an excel spreadsheet with the majority of my yarns already in it but its about 1 year old – as i lost the current one when the laptop died (a month ago).  

tomorrow is more rain predicted so it will be perfect to go thru each bin and drawer and basket and boxes (in the basement) and get my stash organized.  luckily there should be some good opera on… that will help make the time go by.

of course i am probably going to stay up a bit and do some tonight.

and then on to my books and magazines….

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