got an email today from Burpee – if you have been following the controversial sale/move of this premiere garden…here is the new website.


check out GARDEN RANT for more on the situation.  (and here is what Tony Avent says .

The new site doesn't seem to be working – no confirmation of signing up for catalog or email newsletter.

and i wonder – did they MOVE all the plants from Seattle?  and the catalog descriptions seem to be lifted from the original owner’s catalogs.

Corporate America in the garden. sigh

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1 Response to heronswood

  1. Paul says:

    As an East Coast person, I’m happy that Heronswood moved
    out this way. It’s allowed for me to go to the East Coast
    opens now. The last one was very good. Nice article here
    talks about the last one. Picked up some nice hellebores.
    Future Opens


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