i hate GROUNDHOGS (updated)

i THOUGHT i had secured the perimeter of the yard – BUT NO the ever nasty present GHOG squeezed his way in thru the handmade fence sometime early sunday morning.


Here is what the RECOVERED Hollyhocks looked like on Sat when i finally took down the plastic bag that had screened them.


I dont have a picture right now cause i am still numb – but imagine them all droopy and the far left plant is totally denuded as are the front plants and the rest are falling over.



and not to mention the DESTROYED STATICE which had JUST RECOVERED and many many echinacea leaves eaten too.


i am SO LIVID i could SCREAM. and almost want to pull up the whole f$#*$*$g garden bed.

i spent two hours late Sunday afternoon REDOING that fence in the top photo -= adding another layer of boards.


and then did work on the other possible INTRUSION spot – between the new fence and the neighbor’s fence where there is a gap large enough for an animal to climb up an old wire fence from the next yard and walk across the ledge and then up and over the wire fence into my yard.  (see it on the far right of the photo below).


I added a “mini-fence” between the new fence and the old fence on the ledge itself so nothing can use the ledge as its personal promenande to my garden.  My cordless screwdriver ran out of juice i had used so many wood screws so i just have two screws left to put in place – but it is very sturdily wedged in.



i am going to get BARBED WIRE and put it on top of ALL the openings – I really dont CARE if the F#$**&*%G animals get impaled on it… i am SICK AND TIRED OF LOSING MY PLANTS to this INFERNAL PEST.

and my next door neighbor who shares the garden and is likes the ghog (of course she has hostas in her one bed) told me today that she saw a raccoon one night last week.


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1 Response to i hate GROUNDHOGS (updated)

  1. Head Burro says:

    Awww, poor little critters 🙂 All they want is a little munch on something tasty and a little dig in some lovely soil and now they have to face a vietcong defense system.
    Happy hunting 🙂


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