how long?


not much knitting last night – but above is the latest of the Flower Basket shawl – i am at the “ok, how much more of this!” stage .

can’t decide if i have enough repeats – i have about 12–13 (need to recount) and am not sure how much longer i should make it – its out of the Elann Baby Cashmere yarn –  the gauge is 28 st/4 inches 3.25 mm (US 3) – but i am using US 6 and of course its lace so it will be blocked.  Elann calls it  “Fingering gauge” .  The confusion of the knitting weight terms!

Anyone have any idea as to how much this may stretch?  or any experience with the blocking? 

I want a fairly large shawl… so i can wrap it around to keep me warm during the cold winter months.

and i am itching to start something new… will have to poke around my stash and see what’s there (still need to re-inventory a casualty of getting the garden put in this summer – i havent reinventoried since i moved last august).   

i really want to make an aran cardigan and a fair isle cardigan for this fall/winter.  will have to sufing in my magazines/patterns stock.

and here is one of my new favorite weather toys


its a Weather Stick.  i love it!



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