fences and flowers


remember that horrid back corner … well, look at it now!  just two hours on Saturday afternoon and so much better!

and here is my makeshift gate (have to find out how much it will cost to get a real gate)


don’t even ask about it – Sunday morning, i found the board pushed aside and yes. more. eaten.plants.  well. ok. here is that damage.


some of it – this time he got to the rudbeckias as well – i didnt take photos of them.  THANK GOODNESS i had left the wire cage around the hollyhocks – so he couldnt get at them – something inside said to wait.

so Sunday afternoon i put the boards on the top of the plywood and filled the ice chest with the cement blocks (a neighbor has been clearing out his basement – makes mine look positively clean in comparison – you should see the s$%t he has put on the street). anyway, i know its not the best looking ‘gate’ but it is apparently doing the trick – the chest is pretty heavy even for me to move and no way is he going to climb that – i added two more boards to close up the gaps on the sides.

so i have to save my pennies to see about getting a gate put there.  i am tired of spending money on this ghog problem.

and then today my lovely next door neighbor built a little screen for the only other hole – which he has not discovered yet – and then we covered the other hole in the wall of the metal shed

sheesh you would think our back yard is swiss cheese central  – ill get photos of those tomorrow.

and for something cheerful – remember the dying Clematis?  well lookie here!


and more things are flowering – i have to keep reminding myself this is a BABY garden – its just the first year and be grateful for the blooms i am getting.



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