length of cat = temperature


This is Katie in her new spot – it was in the mid 80s.  She used to sleep/stay in the very front room (the music room) which is actually one of the hottest as it gets the full afternoon sun.  When we all first moved here a year ago (aug 29 – yes that day), she pretty much stayed in that room most of every day.

But about a month or so ago, she has ventured into the back of the house and actually will be found in different spots thru the day – on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor, stretched out in the door to the kitchen watching as i clean up/cook etc.   lounging on the hooked rugs in the long hallway.

She seems to finally be settling down – i have even seen her sleep on the sofa – especially the week i had the AC on (when it was 90–100) and the AC was blowing right on the sofa.

all this is because i am ALMOST finished the shawl – almost done with the last repeat (i am doing 17 or is it 16, i guess i have to recount) and then just the 12 rows of the edging and cast off !

and then onto blocking.  which will be an experience as i have never had the room nor right stuff to block properly – so i really didnt (but in defence this is the first fine lace shawl i have made – the others were heavier weights and just steaming them with he iron seemed to work – although i guess i could block them and see how they react). 

anyway, i have the fiberboard that i read on some blog to use and i just have to tape them together and pin the shawl after it soaks – oh and i have to do this outside in the yard cause there is no space in my width challenged apt to lay anything down. (only 12 ft wide).  and then once its done i guess i will bring it inside and stand it up next to one of the hallway walls.

i hope it works.



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