life goes on

living in a very small apartment in park slope i am yearning for a larger place and with rents sky high now (this is THE hot neighborhood now in Brooklyn), i am looking for space and a garden and other normal things like a place to park a car…. and a room to store my yarn and make into a studio.   trolling thru craig's list – i found something in a town called croton-on-hudson and went to look at it on friday afternoon.   not an option unfortunately.  sigh.  the search continues…

knitting this past weekend was thwarted by a dead phone on saturday (this is the fourth time in the past 9 months – something about wires on a box on a public street that mysteriously keep getting cut or something) and then on sunday my laptop died… luckily i had a loaner from work but it took most of the afternoon to get it to work and then i only had outlook express – sigh.

so instead of cleaning up and organizing (its amazing how inspired one can be after looking at other spaces) i spent the afternoon configuring the loaner to work with all the apps i normally use.

So WIP progress has been minimal – although during the EASTENDERS marathon this past weekend a substantial amount of work was done on the center square of the FIR CONE SQUARE Shawl.   i think i am about 2-3 repeats from concluding this part of the shawl. 

my cats love to watch me wind balls of yarn from skeins.  the baby, katie, who is a year now, can be up in the loft bed and sound asleep – within a minute of placing the swifit on the table and then dropping the skein on it – she is at my feet or in the chair next to the table slying waiting to attack the yarn.

thank goodness for sweet furry creatures.

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  1. karen m says:

    Do you have a pic of the fir cone shawl? It sounds attractive to me, I guess because I like pine cones, fir cones, etc, and I like how knitting imitates nature.
    thanks, karen


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