the heat continued this past weekend (and still does… ugh if i wanted 90s i would live in south louisiana). 

anyway, because of the horrible heat AND humidity in brookly, i camped out in my cool apt and knitted up a storm while indulging in some great old movies. 

Progress report –

Cables and Lace:  divided the body into three sections and almost finished the back while watching BOTH versions of THE BIG SLEEP saturday night.  And there was a fascinating comparision after the second movie(it was the original studio cut that was not released). 

Fir Cone Square Shawl – this is a new WIP.  Having joined the SummerOfLace yahoo group, i decided i needed TWO lace projects, right?  This is a shawl I started several years ago from Cheryl Oberle's FOLK SHAWLS book and for some unknown reason ripped out. So Saturday in the cool of the night and then for most of THE REMAINS OF THE DAY and REBECCA, i worked on the center square.  This shawl is made like many Shetland shawls where you knit a center square and then pick up the stitches around the edges and knit the border in the round.

also a major revelation – i figured out how to knit backwards!  interestingly enough my tension is much better doing a "purl" row that way than by purling.

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