life interrupts knitting

two computers rebuilt – one left to go… sigh

a recap:  my home laptop (provided by my firm) died on sunday – luckily i had a loaner laptop i was using for another project so i wasnt without email (heavens forfend!) but then on tuesday, i came back from a doctor's appointment and found my main work desktop wasnt on the network anymore … our info security officer had turned off the port because it was generating tons of traffic …. so hours later i gave up and then at midnight had to reformat the whole d#$# thing and reinstall EVERYTHING….then my second work desktop's cd drive died while i was upgrading XP to SP2.   

ugh ugh ugh ugh 

and tonight i am reinstalling XP on the new laptop to replace my dead one.

so to assuage my knitting craving – i started the BranchingaltBranching Out scarf from the last KNITTY  (which everyone seems to be doing)

i am using some Lavold Cotton Patine in a slately bluegray color and i must say it looks rather narrow.  i like the lace design although i havent knitted enough of it to get the pattern yet.  i think i am going to do this scarf as a test and then do it as a larger piece – like a stole – in a different yarn – alpaca maybe?

ok the laptop is loading all the applications and i am going to go home … more fun in the computer shop that is my cubicle this week tomorrow.


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