i miss knitting

work has reared its ugly head this week.  last week i spent most of the week and ALL weekend reconfiguring three computers – two desktops at work and my laptop at home.  while we may curse our computers, its not until they break that we realize how dependant we are on them – or at least i am.  and all those little files that you forget you need – luckily i have the hard drives of both the desktop computers at hand and have been able to go back and get those things  i needed. 

but the reconfiguring and reloading of applications and setting preferences and …. on and on it goes.

because i was limping along with half built computers last week, i felt as if i had one arm and was working underwater in the dark.  an odd feeling cause i am ms. multitasker.  i have two computers and usually at least two remote sessions and various remote desktop connections to various servers at the same time.  so i can switch back and forth between desktops and tasks – while i am waiting for some piece of a task to complete – i start another one, or read email or , etc.

of course at home i only have a laptop – and i have resisted getting a desktop for i am tooooo prone to spending many hours at the computer – i can find many many things to do at the computer.  if i had a more powerful computer with a good monitor , etc.  i would probably spend much much time there. 

as it is i STILLL need to buy a digital camera – which i know would make this blog more interesting to the three people who read it.  sigh, i am not sure how to get more readership – i know one thing is to post more often -  i will try; but i must not be in that grand circle of knitters who refer to each others blogs.   the knitters i have met at the knitting circle i go to dont seem to know about blogs or really are into computers.  i guess i need to find a new circle?

anywho. i read a bunch of blogs daily – and wonder about these people – how is Wendy's lace shawl going, what could be wrong with Kristine (it doesnt sound good – dear Kristine who is so inspiring and living the life many of us wish we could running a FUN knitting store – dear Kristine, i hope all is not too bad and you can recover quickly!) and many others – chicknits so funny and witty and clever! and so many others i admire.

i just have to say I MISS KNITTING- all this work (late nights the last three) and i get home and make a cup of tea and think i will tackle my FIR CONE SHAWL or the lovely BRANCHING OUT and promptly fall asleep on the sofa.

oh well, tomorrow's another day.

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