week end

it’s been one of those November days – not cold but chilly and damp and rainy off and on – little spurts of rain and general mistiness coming down.  and with the sun setting at 4:37 pm !!! the darkness draws the day in.

don’t know what possessed me but i finally tackled one of the few remaining projects from the “2009 Apartment Cure” .  those of you who visit here and read my infrequent posts may remember that for the first half of this year I did a major clear up and redo of the apartment – the den, the study, the kitchen.  Then in July I acquired a studio/workroom  in the basement next to my original storage space.  It was perfectly timed as I had just spent months clearing out youdontevenwanttoknowwhat stuff and giving away, throwing away (recycling and not) and just generally streamlining my possessions.  So i was able to take advantage of the new space and turn it into a studio/workroom (its part sewing/knitting studio and part workshop and part office).    I’ll do a post on the transformation soon.

At the same time I redid the afore mentioned rooms – the study, the den and the kitchen – well, the den was the only one that had a major redo – the other two were renovated (and isn’t clearing out and reorganizing a form of renovation?)

oh well, a long preamble to today’s project – which was one of those that was left over after the majority of reoganizing/clearing out was done in the study.  Three containers (file box size – two plastic file bins and one basket) FULL of folders and “THINGS TO FILE”

they have been sitting stacked on top of each other in a corner of the study – with just enough space to get by … so they could be ignored. 

but today for some unknown reason – their day had come.  i started out planning to just do one box and then, well, you know how it goes – three hours later – all done.  of course it wasn’t just a matter of taking things out and filing them – the filing drawers had to be rearranged and cleaned out and new labels written and so on and so forth.

the result –  a sense of satisfaction and knowing that papers etc are in their right places. 

and now the reward – potatoes boiling and a little shell steak to grill  (organic – from the lovely deli down the block on main street) and a slew of britcoms to watch while knitting.

then tomorrow … errands and.. well, we will leave that for then.

ps the winter white camellia bush is blooming – photos when the rain stops.
pps sorry no photos, but photos of file drawers full of files is kinda borrowing non?

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3 Responses to week end

  1. Adelaide says:

    Happy birthday!


  2. Isn’t it lovely when you have a day like this? Well, perhaps not lovely when you are doing all the clearing out, but later when you feel all smug and virtuous. I had one such day the other weekend and still am enjoying being neat and tidy. Don’t think it is going to last much longer though. This is the problem – it always has to be done again sooner or later…


  3. ed hardy says:

    Great, I have to follow your blog, Thank you so much for post.


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