Tim Burton on His MoMA Retrospective — New York Magazine

Exquisite Corpse

Tim Burton on digging through his cellar for a MoMA retrospective.


Left: Untitled (Picasso Woman) 1980-1990
"I used to go to the mall a lot — there's a lot of interesting people to look at, and you could sit there with nobody paying attention to you. I remember having a kind of mind-blowing experience where I was very frustrated drawing, struggling to fit in, and I said, 'Fuck it, I can't. I'm just going to draw the way I'm going to draw.' I had a couple good teachers who told me to just be myself. I didn't worry about physics or reality, and it freed me up to capture the way I saw a person."  

With characters ranging from Jack Skellington and Edward Scissorhands to Sweeney Todd and Batman, Tim Burton has spent his film career inventing and reinventing shadowy, mysterious anti-heroes—so much so that he’s become enshrouded in his own mad-scientist persona. Our most deviously inventive director now looms like a future-gothic Dr. Frankenstein, reanimating our favorite pretty-monster Johnny Depp again and again. (Depp will next portray the Mad Hatter in 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.) While not entirely off-base, that creeptastic idea of Burton has become a mask, obscuring both the creator and his craft. It’s time for a clearer look, and New Yorkers can peek inside the director’s secret laboratories at MoMA’s retrospective “Tim Burton,” opening November 22. “It’s exciting and surreal and all the things that go with it,” he says of the honor. “It’s going to be an out-of-body experience.”

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  1. I viewed the collection yesterday and was blown away. I think the exhibit really demonstrated the evolution of Burton over the past 3 decades and I thought the multimedia aspects were a great touch. I’ve written more here: http://popculture2point0.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/a-burton-exhibit-before-christmas/


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