knitting miss bb

Working on MISS BB (Chicknits design just published).

swatched Patons Classic RICH RED (yummy color)
(this is the third sweater for this yarn – hopefully three IS the charm)

got 4 sts/5 rows = inch on size 6* size 4 needles (i am a rather loose knitter).  cant imagine getting 4.5 on a size 8 needle! (what the pattern calls for).

anyway am going to use this but adjust the size accordingly also am doing it all sections together on a circ.

after THREE starts – finally got the right needles and size and after one start of two inches decided to do this in the round. so ripped and started for the FOURTH time – in the round with a steek – eliminating the shaping and the garter border – will add the border after steeking open.
about three inches done last night watching a repeat of THE MURDER ROOM

cool date!

*realized tonight the needles are FOURs !!! i know i am a loose knitter but really! oh well.

This is going very fast – have about 12 inches done of the bottom section – according to the pattern it should be 55 rows of the pattern before the dividing purl rows

The photo has that line at the model’s waist but I really wish the schematic had a measurement from that line down to the bottom and from the purl rows to the neck to give a sense of the relationship of the two sections.  have written designer to ask but no answer yet.

after much debating and looking at the photos and recalculating AND factoring in my row gauge (5 as to pattern’s 6)… and correspondence with another knitter and re-measuring my body – i have done 12 inches for the bottom – as I am short-waisted – and am going to leave it and move on to the top… argh onward!  

In the middle of sleeping last night I realized that I could always cut the bottom off if its too long and add the garter stitch border… thank goodness for knowing that I am in charge of my knitting.

also thought of starting the top section on a separate needle and then joining later with the purl rows as the join section… but really that is too much work.  have faith and plunge on .

photos soon ….

Ravelry project page


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