Saturday in the Garden

It was a nice sunny warmish day, by 300 pm it was in the mid 70s, rather warm for mid April.

This is the third year of this garden, not much hardscaping to do anymore, with one exception (a bed to rebuild due to an overzealous groundhog last year).

So its nice to see in the last few weeks many of the perennials coming up as well as the roses and clematis getting a good start on their growth.

Its really the first year that many of these are coming up since from the first to the second year many were lost due to very late planting that first year. However, last year planting was a bit earlier although still end of May – due to an international trip over the first two weeks of June.

This year there is another trip during mid June but as its only April 19th and so much is coming up… allowing the holes to be seen… an order to the favorite garden website (Graceful Gardens) can be placed shortly and planting done by the beginning of May.

Also will be growing a lot of annuals and vines from seeds (Renee's Garden). Last winter ordered rather a large amount and only planted a few of them (and a bit latish too). Part of today was spent reviewing the seed packets as to planting recommendations. Surprise there are quite a few that can be planted now. Most need to wait a few weeks til the nights are above 50 degrees.

Anyway. There is a lot of growth. Photos soon.

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